Head Office: 167 Applewood Crescent #6, Concord, ON L4K 4K7
Telephone: (647) 799-3312
Head Office: 167 Applewood Crescent #6, Concord, ON L4K 4K7
Telephone: (647) 799-3312

Practice Areas

There are many times when an impartial and experienced party must be appointed to act as the independent estate trustee. In Ontario, an estate trustee is the only individual with the legal authority to take care of or distribute an estate. Probate is a procedure to ask the court to:  offer an individual the authority to work as the estate trustee of an estate; or  verify the authority of a person named as the estate trustee in the deceased's will.


Consider the following potential problem areas:

    Parents appoint all their children to act as estate trustee. Each child has a different level of skills, and some none, in what is required to fairly administer a deceased estate. Some children recognize that either they don’t have the necessary skills or just do not want the responsibility. Anxieties, clashes and pain results with no end in sight.
    Many wealthy families have disputes over how the family wealth should be spent. Wealthy families can get locked in very public battles that find their way into the courts. Issues include money made by a wealthy entrepreneur and challenges to who is best to manage that wealth. Sometimes the situation just calls out for a compassionate, experienced and impartial party to become an Officer of the Court to help everyone reach an amicable solution and hopefully reduce or avoid the need for costly litigation.
    Someone dies with assets but no will, and many people believe they are entitled to all or a portion of the deceased’s estate. Someone with no vested interest but with the right skills and experience needs to step in and sort everything out in a fair and impartial way.
    You are a professional advisor and reluctantly agreed to be the estate trustee of the estate of the person who is the driving force behind one of your best corporate clients. The person dies and you find yourself in an untenable conflict of interest with one or more beneficiaries. The conflict is so severe, it threatens your ability to keep serving the corporate client and the potential future profitability of your firm.
    As the professional advisor and estate trustee, there is no conflict. However, the time needed to manage all the complex estate issues threatens to take you away from the rest of your professional practice. You cannot afford to do so. You wish you could renounce the estate trustee role, but don’t have an alternative to offer so that the estate can be properly administered.
    The reality of the situation is that the estate is going to be embroiled in major costly litigation. It will not end anytime soon. However, in the meantime, there are real time issues that need to be addressed in dealing with the estate assets so they do not dissipate and are safeguarded. There is an immediate need for an Estate Trustee Under Litigation.  

Our experience in acting as an Officer of the Court has led to our being recognized for acting in a competent and impartial manner. We understand how to navigate the various laws and Court processes involved in acting as an estate trustee to administer a deceased estate. The Court recognizes our abilities and accepts our credentials without reservation.

Our blend of compassion, experience and impartiality gives us a unique perspective and ability to properly administer an estate, reduce conflicts and achieve results for all beneficiaries in a cost-effective manner.